A Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Fanblog: Reaction in GIFs #G2BRealize and #G2BMyMVP


First and foremost, and since because I don’t want him taking any extra space than needed, here’s my reaction to all Dominic Zaragoza scene, dialogue and/or appearance:



To any and all Juliana/Betchay/Jaime scenes


"Chichay.. salamat.. salamat sa lahat…"


"Feeling ko…


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Anonymous: What can you say about Jon Lucas? Everyone hates him/Dominic Zaragosa last night.


I personally find him dispensable.

He’s wooden as an actor. He’s not likeable and he makes his character so one-dimensional.

He has one standard expression, and he isn’t convincing in his role.

He could be replaced at any point and it most likely won’t even be noticed much — at least yes, but he won’t even as mucj register as an afterthought an episode after.


12 months ago

‘Got To Believe,’ pang-thunders din

Posted by Online Balita on Oct 26th, 2013

Grabe, Got To Believe! Kinikilig talaga kami. Ayos ang format, pangbagets at pang-thunders din! -09204169185

Ang guwapo talaga ni Daniel. Kapag nanonood ako ng Got To Believe, kinikilig tuloy ako, he-he…. Bagay na bagay talaga sila ni Kathryn. Sana sila nang dalawa… pati ako nai-in love tuloy kay DJ, he-he…. –09354638018

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A Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Fanblog: KathNiel versus JE: REALLY, I MEAN REALLY?!?!?


This comparison between KathNiel and JE is so idiotic I want to rip my eyes out from their sockets.


Not in the things that matter anyway.

Sure JE could win online polls, they trended in Twitter, they have a loud online fandom but if those don’t translate to profit,…

And  I want to slap this to all JE fans :D

1 year ago

Kathniel: The Real Score Chapter 40 is out :))) All KN Fans should read this :)))


Happy Second Anniversary Kathniel :))

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"Got To Believe" TV Ratings: Pilot Episode of KathNiel’s Newest Kiligserye Rakes 34% TV Ratings
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 , Posted by JED at 2:15:00 PM

"Got To Believe" TV RatingsPilot Episode of KathNiel’s Newest Kiligserye Rakes 34% TV Ratings

With the overwhelming support from their fans popularly known as KathNiel, the pairing made their supporters go gaga once again at the openingsalvo of the series on Monday night.

Though how they fared in terms of ratings is yet to be known, #LetTheMagicBeginG2B has become the top trending topic on the microblogging site, Twitter even hours before the series’ pilot episode has started. [UPDATE 08/27: Got To Believe’s pilot episode got a 34 percent rating, according to reports.]

It is only evident that their fans gave an all out support, more than the support they gave to last year’s constant top-rating series, ‘The Princess and I’.

As expected, the pilot episode is already complete with Kilig factors, one great way to start the much-awaited series.

Contrary to their roles in ‘Princess and I,” Padilla plays the role of brat rich kid Joaquin while Bernardo plays the funny, assertive Chichay in ‘Got To Believe.’

The romantic comedy series offers viewers a positive outlook in life and features a great friendship that’s beyondmeasure, says ABS-CBN in several press statements prior to the airing. And the first episode seems a very good start.

Directed by box office director Cathy Garcia-Molina, “Got To Believe” is poised to winning not only in terms of ratings but also of moral values for the viewers, especially for those who belong in this generation.

‘Got To Believe’ is the third TV series of the hit KathNiel tandem. They first did the Sunday afternoon youth oriented series, “Growing Up” and immediately followed by the “Princess and I”.


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